Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tha National's Gallery - ADMAF

Dear All,
This is intended to all Emirati Visual Artists (Established, Emerging, Upcoming). Feel free to forward it to who might be interested in your circle and database. Since its launching on November 1st, 2010, ADMAF Staff are glad to inform you that we are moving forward with the Nationals’ Gallery (Riwaq Al Fan) - the Emirati Artists' Resource and Register - the nationwide ADMAF initiative dedicated to supporting the growth and development of indigenous, contemporary artistic expression in the United Arab Emirates. Complementing as well the existing provision by independent organizations and government authorities. ADMAF seeks to create a dedicated resource to enable established, emerging and student Emirati arts practitioners gain access to information and empower them with opportunities to accelerate their careers and enhance their talent. We would like to invite the Emirati Visual Artists to send us a:
Short Bio (Maximum 100 words).
Artists’ Statement (Maximum 100 words).
5 Digital Images; for every artwork please send us the following: Details of the artwork (Title, size, material used, year)-Abstract of the concept (Maximum 50 words).
Contact details: Please send us the contact details you wish to be posted online, either your representative (a gallery or else) or in other cases, for privacy matters, we can offer to put ADMAF’s contact details.
After receiving the required documents, we would like to set an appointment with every artist to get the chance to be introduced to him/her and review his/her portfolio before proceeding with the upload. Should you have any question or need further details,
please do not hesitate to contact Rima Kaddisi:
T. +971 2 6797483

Jalal's Art Trip 2011

Jalal's Art Trip 2011
"Applications now being accepted"
to download application form, please click on the link below:
“Jalal’s Art Trip”, from concept to completion, is the brainchild of the Emirati artist Jalal Luqman. The project stems from his desire to promote art in Abu Dhabi by giving the opportunity to emerging artists in the Middle East to have an exhibition. In order to facilitate this, Jalal Luqman initiated an annual event called ‘Jalal’s Art Trip’, during which a select few artists resident in the U.A.E. would go to a location or two to ignite inspiration. The trip is only open to emerging artists who had not yet held an exhibition and needed push and encouragement to establish themselves in the art world. After the trip, over the next five to six weeks the artists are required to create works of art inspired solely by their individual experiences on the trip. The whole trip and every subsequent meeting are filmed, to document 'The Process' that is involved in creating an artwork, from the point of inspiration to the framing and exhibition of work and all that comes in between. This is done to foster a deeper understanding between the artists and the public. A small video of ‘The Process’ will be shown on the exhibition opening night.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Nationals' Gallery

Dear Friends,
you are invited to attend the National's Gallery by ADMAF from the 3rd until the 7th of November at Emirates Palace, please find below the online invitation and the map to the location.

Hope to see you all there,
kind regards,
Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

Monday, October 4, 2010

All Emirati Photographers

Daman Investments & Tashkeel are sending out a call all Emarati photographers to submit work for inclusion in the DAMAN 2011 calendar.

This year, Daman Investments takes pleasure in collaborating with Tashkeel on the 2011 calendar that will feature a selection of photographs by Emarati photographers.

The theme for this year’s calendar is the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the United Arab Emirates as a growing nation. Submitted images should represent what ‘UAE turning 40’ means to them.

The deadline for submitting the final photographs is Thursday 4th November 2010.

Email images to: & cc:

We look forward to receiving your submissions…

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Calling All Artists

Dear Friends,

Express Yourself in 30X30 is back again, at Marsam Mattar Gallery in Dubai

Exhibition Title: Express Yourself in 30 X 30
Exhibition Venue: Marsam Mattar Gallery - Dubai
Exhibition Date: 8th - 22nd of November 2010
Exhibition Type: open call, group exhibition
Curator: Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

Express your self in 30"X30" is an open call art exhibition for national and international artists.

for all the details and terms and conditions please click on the link below:

kind regards,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ADACH welcomes applications for heritage competitions to be held at hunting show

ADACH welcomes applications for heritage competitions to be held at hunting show

Jul 26, 2010 - 04:06 -

WAM Abu Dhabi, 26th July 2010 (WAM): The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) announced today that it has begun receiving applications for contests and competitions to be held at the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition- Abu Dhabi 2010 (ADIHEX). The exhibition, which takes place from September 22-25, is being held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler's representative in Al Gharbia (the Western Region) of Abu Dhabi, and President of the Emirati Falconers Club (EFC), with support from ADACH.

Competitions at the eighth edition of ADIHEX 2010 include a traditional coffee brewing competition, Nabaty poetry competition, which describes loss of birds and description of hunting known locally as "miqnas", a contest for best painting and photograph in hunting, equestrian and heritage as well as a Saluki beauty contest.

"The specialized contests within the exhibition creates an ideal setting for interaction among people interested in hunting, equestrian and heritage, in addition to providing the opportunity to witness tremendous heritage and authenticity of our Arab nobility," said Abdullah Al Qubaisi, Director of ADIHEX 2010 and Director of Communication Department at ADACH.

Al Qubasi noted that previous editions of competitions held at the exhibition witnessed strong participation from both nationals and visitors from the GCC, as well as internationally. "We are committed to the inclusion of competitions as it adds to the vitality of the exhibition, and is consistent with the vision of the event which is preservation of cultural heritage and promotion of sustainable hunting." Arab coffee brewing competition: The Arab coffee brewing competition represents the art of preparing Arabic coffee. Deeply engrained in the inherent heritage of the Arab world, coffee brewing and its related traditions are a mark of hospitality and generosity. Besides, coffee is also linked to late night Bedouin gatherings, which seek to revitalize oral and poetic heritage of the region.

Nabaty poetry: The best Nabaty poetry competition within the category of bird description, loss and the description of "miqnas" has been a popular and integral part of previous editions of ADIHEX. Nabaty poetry, which is closely associated with the cultural history of the UAE and the rest of the Gulf, witnesses wide participation from local and Gulf poets every year.

The organizers will appoint a jury committee comprising of leading lights in Nabaty and other traditional forms of poetry, to adjudicate winners in this competition. The jury committee will conduct a thorough analysis of the poetry being presented by participants. The aesthetic structure of the poem in terms of language, rhyming and philosophical influences as well as expressions about "miqnas," the relationship between the hunter and his falcon, and the grief of losing one's birds will be taken into consideration.

The best art painting competition: The best art painting competition of the ADIHEX 2010 represents an overview on the fine arts, addressing a heritage theme through a variety of techniques and methods including photographs and impressionist portraits. Arab life in the desert has always been an attraction to artists whether they were international, Middle-Eastern or Arabs. This competition pays a tribute to traditional fine arts, reflecting and documenting the lives of Bedouins in the past centuries.

Saluki beauty championship: The Arabian Saluki center that was established in the year 2001, with the support of the Emirati Falconers' Club, will organize a saluki beauty championship, giving Arabian saluki owners the opportunity to showcase their precious hounds - both smooth and feathered, on an international show level.

The contest will be judged by a specialized committee that includes jury members of local and international Saluki competitions. The adjudication will be based on basic standards of the breed, such as the head, the overall structure, cover skin, movements and general impression. The winners of the Arabian saluki beauty championship will receive valuable prizes, including cash rewards.

All Saluki owners based in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries are requested to register their Arabian Saluki with the Arabian Saluki Centre prior to the exhibition. Arabian Salukis that are not registered by the Arabian Saluki Center will not be allowed to enter the competition.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Calling All Artists

Dear All 30”X30” express your self participants,

Please confirm your participation by Saturday, the 8th of May by sending an email to
The participation fee + word document + 1 high resolution image should be at the gallery anytime before 31st of May
The artworks should be at the gallery by the 7th of June.

participation fee 550Dhs could be made directly at Ghaf Gallery or through western union but you will have to email me for that or by Paypal which is $150, here is the paypal link
and the money should be sent to

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards,
Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

Sunday, May 2, 2010

معرض فوتو وورلد دبي

معرض فوتو وورلد دبي
PhotoWorld-Dubai 2010
3-5 May 2010

المعرض الدولي السادس لمعدات التصوير العادي والرقمي للشرق الأوسط

قاعة الشيخ سعيد - ٣ - مركز دبي التجاري العالمي

يومياً من ١١ صباحاً حتى ٨ مساءً

6th International Digital Photography and Imaging Exhibition for the Middle East

حياكم في جناح/ستاند مصوري الساحل الشرقي - الفجيرة، كلباء، خورفكان، دبا
East-Coast Photographers

لاتفوتوا هذه الفرصة، المعرض الأبرز في المنطقة للأعمال والمحترفين والهواة

الدخول مجاني

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Patch On My Evil Eye

A Patch On My Evil Eye (An Exhibition) A showcase of paintings, photographs, prints and sculpture by young artists from the Middle East and Britain, 'A Patch on My Evil Eye' fiercely challenges the worn stereotypes too often associated with the Arab world. Featuring the latest work by Hazem Harb, Noor Al Suwaidi, Ruba Asfahani, Juan Carlos Farah, Daniel Louis MacCarthy and the celebrated Palestinian photographer Yazan Khalili, this exhibition offers a nascent perspective on subjects that are repeatedly misrepresented by the media and misunderstood by the public.

Date & Time: 6 – 26 May Cocktail Reception: 6 May (16:00-20:00)Open House: 6, 7, 25 & 26 May (10:00-16:30)
Extended Evening Viewing: 26 May (10:00-20:00) *By appointment: 10 – 25 May (10:00-16:30) *Weekends Closed.
Venue:The Arab British Centre1 Gough SquareLondon EC4A 3DE Artists:Yazan KhaliliHazem HarbDaniel Louis MacCarthyJuan Carlos FarahNoor Al SuwaidiRuba Asfahani Curator:Juan Carlos Farah
For further information, contact: Juan Carlos Farah, Newertown | Art, 0753 120 5955 Imogen Ware, The Arab British Centre, 0207 832 1310

Noor Al Suwaidi

أنضم للمسابقة المرورية الكبرى لجميع الفئات -Join The largest Traffic Art Contest for all Categories

Best To All :)

Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

Friday, March 19, 2010

الامارات للتصوير الفوتوغرافي الدورة الخامسة

عزيزنا المصور الفوتوغرافي
انطلاقاً من حرص الجمعية على دعم وتحفيز الفنانين بشتى المجالات الفنية
تعلن جمعية الامارات للفنون التشكيلية عن فتح باب المشاركة بمسابقة

الامارات للتصوير الفوتوغرافي الدورة الخامسة
" المحترفين - الهواه- الطلاب "
المشاركة مجاناً وبدون رسوم من خلال الجمعية
تُقدم صور الاعمال عالية الجودة بصيغة ملفات رقمية
مع استمارة التسجيل والرمز الرقمي على CD او DVD
تسلم البيانات بمقر جمعية الامارات للفنون التشكيلية - الشارقة-حي الشويهين
منطقة الفنون بالسوق القديم امام متحف الشارقة للفنون أو بالبريد على-19984 الشارقة

يجب ان يدون اسم الفنان مع الرمز الرقمي على القرص المقدم
اخر موعد لاستلام المشاركات 10 ابريل2010

للتعرف على المزيد من تفاصيل وشروط وأقسام وجوائز المسابقة بالرجاء الضغط على الرابط التالي

Best Regards
Emirates Fine Arts Society
Sharjah, Arts area, in front of Sharjah Art Museum.
TEL: + 971 6 568 4488
FAX: + 971 6 568 6767
PO.Box# 19984 - Sharjah, U.A.E

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Open Call Competitions For All

You CanUnited Arab Emirates Deadline: 20/04/2010
Explore your creativity and share your vision

Photography Annual International Deadline: 26/03/2010
Enter the most prestigious competition

2010 Adobe Design Achievement Awards International Deadline: 04/06/2010
The Adobe® Design Achievement Awards

All The Best,
Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

Monday, March 8, 2010

جمعية الإمارات للفنون التشكيلية - emirates fine arts society

جمعية الإمارات للفنون التشكيلية تدعوكم
بالمشاركة بمعرض عن البيئة من خلال ملامسة القضايا البيئية
وتوظيف الفن لتنمية الوعي الاجتماعي في الاهتمام بقضايا البيئة وصون نظمها الطبيعية

المعرض مقام بالنادي الثقافي العربي بتاريخ 11/مارس وحتى 18 مارس
يفتتح فعاليات المعرض الخميس 11 مارس 2010 الساعة 8 مساءً

للمشاركة والتسجيل

Emirates Fine Arts Society
Sharjah, Arts area, in front of Sharjah Art Museum.
TEL: + 971 6 568 4488
FAX: + 971 6 568 6767
PO.Box# 19984 - Sharjah, U.A.E

Monday, March 1, 2010

Calling National & International Artists

Exhibition Title: express your self in 30" X 30"
Exhibition Venue: Ghaf Art Gallery - Abu Dhabi
Exhibition Date: 9th - 24th of June 2010
Exhibition Type: open call, national and international artists.
Curator: Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

Express your self in 30"X30" is an open call art exhibition for national and international artists. All forms of art will be accepted as long as it can be hung.

Submissions start 2nd of March 2010 - submissions end 31st of may 2010
Entrance fee 150 Dollars
Submit a word document with your details and address + samples of the artworks with title, medium and retail price + 1 high resolution image, 300 dpi, jpg format.
You may submit up to 5 artworks
Gallery takes 20% commission of sales
Artworks submitted must be ready to hang
Artworks if framed, the color must be black
Artworks must not exceed 30" X 30" with frame
Artworks submitted after the deadline will be rejected.
Artworks must be at the gallery maximum by the 7th of June

If you have a paypal account please go to the link below to pay for the exhibition fee to

If you don't have a paypal account, please email Sumayyah Al Suwaidi at for other options of payments.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Open Call For Emirati Artists

Arts and Heritage Festival
Ras Al Khaimah Women's College (HCT)
Opening Ceremony: Thursday, March 4th 2010

Any area artists are invited to display their work during the festival. There will be no fee to hang the art, and they may choose to sell the work and keep the profits if they would like. Both male and female artists are invited to show their art, but only women may attend the festival. Men may create a biography and artist statement to accompany their work.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Kate Quinlan,, 0097172026405

Best wishes to all,
Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Call For Artists - Art Dubai

Dear Emirati Artists,

The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority is proud to announce a public art initiative that will bring together Emirati artists to express national identity, culture and vision.

As the first initiative of its kind, Dubai Culture aims to showcase artwork by a diverse range of artists from leading pioneers to upcoming fresh talents during Art Dubai in March 2010.
The artworks will be displayed on large billboards strategically placed around the city, as a way to bring art to the public, beautify the city and promote local art.

We invite you to contribute to this initiative by submitting artwork that represent
the theme of identity and the UAE’s culture.

Submission guidelines:
You can participate with new or existing work
Size of Artwork must be 385cm x 250cm

For digital works: Adobe illustrator file (ai) and adobe Photoshop (psd)
For non Digital artworks paintings etc): please provide a high quality can/
photograph as per requirements above.

Deadline: 8th February 2010
Please email your submission or inquiries to or

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tashkeel Call for work - Portrait of A Generation - 2010 - تشكيل طلب عمل فني - صورة جيل

Calling All Artists:

of all nationalities, who are resident in the United Arab Emirates, are invited to submit artwork in
response to the attached call for work entitled "Portrait of A Generation"

ندعو جميع الفنانين:

- من مختلف الجنسيات- المقيمين في الإمارات العربية المتحدة لتقديم أعمال
فنية استجابة للدعوة التالية للمشاركة في معرض بعنوان - "صورة جيل" الذي سيكون في تشكيل. يرجى قراءة الملف المرفق

للمزيد من المعلومات عن تشكيل زوروا موقعنا
for more information about Tashkeel please visit our website

Tashkeel Administration

Nad Al Sheba | P.O.Box 122255,Dubai, U.A.E.
T: +971 4 336 3313 | F: +971 4 336 1606

Monday, January 11, 2010

أخبار ثقافية وفنية محلية وخليجية وعالمية‏

حفل توزيع جوائز جائزة آل ثاني للتصوير الضوئي
13-1-2010 الساعة 7 مساءً في شيراتون الدوحة


Museum Studies Workshop
Deadline Jan 20, 2010


Jalal's Art Trip 2010‏
اخر موعد لتقديم الطلبات هو 20 يناير 2010


مسابقة مواهب إماراتية
مسابقة الظفرة
مسابقة الإمارات للتصوير الفتوتوغرافي


المسابقة الفنية الثانية للطلبة على مستوى كليات وجامعات الدولة‏
يرجى طلب التفاصيل
آخر موعد: 24-2-2010


مهرجان الفجيرة الدولي للمونودراما
من 14 حتى 22 يناير 2010


معرض آرت دبي
17-20 مارس 2010


مهرجان دبي للتسوق
28 يناير – 28 فبراير 2010


PhotoWorld Dubai
May 03-05, 2010


بطولة فزاع للصيد بالصقور والرماية والصيد بالسلق والغوص الحر
19 يناير 2010
مكتب بطولات فزاع
يرجى التأكد من تاريخ كل مسابقة


منتدى القيادات النسائية العربية
12-13 يناير 2010
فندق غراند حياة – دبي


مهرجان الخليج السينمائي
8-14 ابريل 2010


بطولة دبي الدولية للجواد العربي
18-19-20 مارس 2010
مركز دبي التجاري العالمي


مهرجان الشارقة القرائي
14 فبراير 2010


معرض أبوظبي الدولي للكتاب
2-7 مارس 2010


جائزة الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم لداعمي الفنون
آخر موعد 15 فبراير 2010


مهرجان القرين الثقافي الـ 16 – الكويت
الإمارات ضيف شرف
6-27 يناير 2010


ملتقى الكويت الدولي للفنون الإسلامية 4
يناير 2010


صحيفة هماليل
إسبوعية تعنى بالثقافة والأدب الشعبي والفنون ~ مؤقتاً نصف شهرية ~ متوافرة في المكتبات ومحطات البترول ~ ثقافة وفكر - الرصد الثقافي - ثقافة عربية - أدب شعبي - أمثال شعر - كنوز تراثية وثقافية - لقاءات - ابداعات جامعية - فنون - مجتمع ومواهب - مواهب وراء القضبان كاريكاتير والكثير


Emirati Expressions Artists meet The Guggenheim: The Making of a Museum - 11-1-2010 - 6 to 7pm, Gallery One, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi


PhotoWorld Asia 2010 - Jan 28 – Feb 2, 2010 - Manila – Philippine


جائزة تريم عمران الصحفية - التحقيق - الحوار - العمود - المقال - التصوير - الكاريكاتير
آخر موعد 31-1-2010


هيئة أبوظبي للثقافة والتراث
هيئة دبي للثقافة والفنون
دائرة الثقافة والإعلام بالشارقة
دائرة الثقافة والإعلام بعجمان
المركز الثقافي برأس الخيمة
المركز الثقافي بأم القيوين
هيئة الفجيرة للثقافة والإعلام
المراكز الثقافية في الفجيرة ومسافي ودبا - التابعة لوزارة الثقافة والشباب وتنمية المجتمع
مراكز الفنون والمراكز الثقافية في خورفكان وكلباء ودبا وغيرها من المناطق التابعة لإمارة الشارقة