Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tha National's Gallery - ADMAF

Dear All,
This is intended to all Emirati Visual Artists (Established, Emerging, Upcoming). Feel free to forward it to who might be interested in your circle and database. Since its launching on November 1st, 2010, ADMAF Staff are glad to inform you that we are moving forward with the Nationals’ Gallery (Riwaq Al Fan) - the Emirati Artists' Resource and Register - the nationwide ADMAF initiative dedicated to supporting the growth and development of indigenous, contemporary artistic expression in the United Arab Emirates. Complementing as well the existing provision by independent organizations and government authorities. ADMAF seeks to create a dedicated resource to enable established, emerging and student Emirati arts practitioners gain access to information and empower them with opportunities to accelerate their careers and enhance their talent. We would like to invite the Emirati Visual Artists to send us a:
Short Bio (Maximum 100 words).
Artists’ Statement (Maximum 100 words).
5 Digital Images; for every artwork please send us the following: Details of the artwork (Title, size, material used, year)-Abstract of the concept (Maximum 50 words).
Contact details: Please send us the contact details you wish to be posted online, either your representative (a gallery or else) or in other cases, for privacy matters, we can offer to put ADMAF’s contact details.
After receiving the required documents, we would like to set an appointment with every artist to get the chance to be introduced to him/her and review his/her portfolio before proceeding with the upload. Should you have any question or need further details,
please do not hesitate to contact Rima Kaddisi:
T. +971 2 6797483

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