Saturday, February 5, 2011

UAE; A Work of Art

UAE; A Work of Art
Summer 2011
June 7 - August 31 *TBC*


An exhibition dedicated to present works of art by Emirati artists representing their home, the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates is a country with a rich history and a great present. This exhibition is brought to you by the youth of this country. The presented works of art will be representations of the UAE from their viewpoint; a representation of what is home to them and what intrigues them. Each artist will use his/her unique form of expression to deliver their perspective of their home country. The end result; a collection of beautiful imagery and color reflecting the United Arab Emirates in the eyes of its people.

Complimenting this exhibition, information sessions will be held at The Ara Gallery during the period of the exhibition focused on overall Emirati cultural awareness and understanding. These sessions will be aimed at familiarizing tourists and expatriates with our traditions, culture, and overall lifestyle in the past and present. Coupled with the artwork displayed, guests will be able to truly experience the Emirati culture through the unified language of art and through talks and discussions on the people of the UAE and their culture.

Participating artists can take an active part in this initiative by attending some of the sessions and meeting with guests personally, thereby allowing for a dynamic exchange of thoughts, knowledge, and awareness.

Are you an Emirati artist with work that represents your view of the UAE?

Are you an Emirati artist who feels inspired to create original pieces of art which reflect this exhibition’s concept?

Please contact or send submissions to if you are interested in taking part in this upcoming exhibition.

Terms & Conditions:

kind regards,
Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

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